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  About the Neuroscience Information Framework

Who we are, what we're doing

A new broad multi-site NIH Neuroscience Blueprint initiative has been assembled to develop a Neuroscience Information Framework for the National Institutes of Health. The Framework project is designed toward integrating access to, and utilization of, neuroinformatic resources. Weill Medical College of Cornell University has partnered with California Institute of Technology, George Mason University, University of California San Diego, and Yale University, in conjunction with the Society for Neuroscience and with volunteer collaborators at nine additional sites. The Framework will include a comprehensive, dynamic, inventory of Web-accessible neuroscience resources, an extended and integrated BrainML terminology describing resources and contents, and an interface accepting and aiding concept-based queries that span resources across multiple levels of biological function to provide rapid, informative, and clear responses. The initiative is sponsored by 14 NIH Neuroscience Blueprint Institutes and Centers.

Resources accessible via the Framework are projected to include experimental, clinical, and translational databases, knowledge bases, atlases, genetic/genomic and material resources, and tool and modeling sites for processing, analysis, or simulation of brain data. These provide data and analyses at multiple biological scales, based on different data models and representing many different communities and techniques within neuroscience, each with specific conventions, terminologies, and orientations.

Towards this effort, we project coordination with other standards efforts, including the new International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility, evolving Society for Neuroscience data sharing best practices, the Human Brain Project Structural and Functional Imaging working group, and related neuroinformatic activities globally.

How you can help

Neuroscientists wishing to identify publicly available, national and international research activities, tools, resources and databases to be considered for inclusion in the inventory are encouraged to submit their suggestions under the subject heading "Blueprint Inventory" to Dr. Daniel Gardner, the PI, via email at the following address: dan AT aplysia.med.cornell.edu

Open development towards open use

To serve the broad field of neuroscience and maximize the utility of our work, Framework development conforms to the following open standards: Open data, open exchange, and open analysis -- via open source and open platform -- towards open discovery for neuroscience.

More information

More information is available through the Documents and NIH Blueprint sections of this site. In particular, see this Powerpoint presentation.


NIH Neuroscience Blueprint