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  Neuroscience Information Framework Participants

Development of the Framework is contracted by a partnership of five groups: at California Institute of Technology, George Mason University, University of California San Diego, and Yale University, led by Weill Medical College of Cornell University. Capital Meeting Planners Inc. is subcontractor for logistics of terminology workshops. The contractors are assisted by the Society for Neuroscience and by volunteer consultant/collaborators collaborators at nine additional sites.

Contractor Sites and PIs

Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Daniel Gardner, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
California Institute of Technology
Paul Sternberg, Ph.D., Project Director
George Mason University
Giorgio Ascoli, Ph.D., Project Director
University of California at San Diego
Maryann Martone, Ph.D., Project Director
Yale University Medical College
Gordon Shepherd, M.D., D.Phil., Project Director


In addition to the Society for Neuroscience, our project consultant-collaborators and their institutions include:

  • Huda Akil, Ph.D., University of Michigan Medical School
  • Douglas Bowden, M.D., University of Washington
  • Kristin M. Harris, Ph.D., University of Georgia
  • Gwen A. Jacobs, Ph.D., Montana State University
  • David N. Kennedy, Ph.D., Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Ken Smith, Ph.D., MITRE Corporation
  • David C. Van Essen, Ph.D., Washington University
  • Robert W. Williams, Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Supported Individuals

The Neuroscience Information Framework project supports a wide range of neuroscientists, neuroinformaticians, and informatics developers at the contract institutions:

  • Giorgio A. Ascoli, Ph.D.
  • Vadim Astakhov
  • William Bug, M.S. M.Phil.
  • Fabien Campagne, Ph.D.
  • Mark Ellisman, Ph.D.
  • Ronit Gadagkar, M.S.
  • Daniel Gardner, Ph.D.
  • Bernice Grafstein, Ph.D.
  • Jeffrey Grethe, Ph.D.
  • Amaranth Gupta, Ph.D.
  • Erdem Kurul
  • Luis Marenco, M.D.
  • Maryann Martone, Ph.D.
  • Perry Miller, M.D. Ph.D.
  • Michael Muller
  • Thien Nguyen
  • Xufei Qian
  • Adrian Robert, Ph.D.
  • Ruggero Scorcioni, Ph.D.
  • Gordon Shepherd, M.D. D.Phil.
  • Paul W. Sternberg, Ph.D.
  • Willy Woong
  • Ilya Zaslavsky, Ph.D.


NIH Neuroscience Blueprint